Helpful Information

Weed Management

The Kasoag Lake Conservation Association is making a continuous effort to manage weed growth around the lake. We are always concerned about introduction of new invasive species, both plant and animal and ask all those who use the lake to be aware of activities that will introduce new invasive species.  KLCA collects dues and funds to control weeds in the lake.  

We have been working with Allied Biological to develop a Lake Management Plan.  They did a survey of the Lake to identify the areas with the heaviest concentration of invasive species.  They presented a plan to help control the spread of invasive species.  Milfoil & Fanwort are two of the invasive species we have in our lake.  Check out Allied Biological's Website at http://www.solitudelakemanagement.com.

Through membership dues, fundraising and additional donations from our membership Allied Biological will begin treatment with an herbicide called Aquathol K.  They will target a total of 9 acres in the dense areas of the lake this year.  Work is scheduled to begin in early June of 2014.  They will be on the lake in an airboat applying the herbicide.

Another way to control weeds along your shoreline is with weedmats.  They can purchased from Seaweed Mat Systems at http://seaweedmats.com.