Weed Management

Status of Lake Treatment 

Dear Members:

On December 1, 2015, I signed a contract with Solitude Lake Management for the application of Sonar One in order to control our Fanwort.  The contract was thoroughly reviewed by Officers and Board Members and some changes were made based on their suggestions.

NYS developed a new protocol for the application of herbicides in lakes in 2016.  The new protocol was supposed to be completed in January but there were some delays until the final product was completed.  We were able to be successful in the application for the permit and have followed it to the letter in order to be in compliance.

On May 11, 2016, Brad Bowers and Glen Sullivan, Certified Lake Manager from Solitude Lake Management were on Kasoag Lake doing the first application of Sonar One granular.  This first application will be part of a series of applications numbering 2-3 and will be based on Fanwort death and the concentration of Sonar One in Kasoag Lake.

The next treatments are called bump treatments with the additional applications based on water sample results.  our Board Members will be submitting these water samples in order to hold down costs.  Our grant that we received this year will reimburse us for shipping and testing costs.

Per our permit Solitude may apply up to 300.9 pounds of Sonar One dispersed over 14.8 acres and in accordance with the maps showing application sites and submitted by Solitude to NYS DEC.  Please feel free to review the maps showing the application sites.

Based on my conversation with Brad Bowers he considers this an entire lake treatment because the Sonar One will disperse in the lake and should have good affect on the Fanwort.  He has explained that it isn't necessary to have the Sonar One granular actually contact the Fanwort as long as it dissolves and disperses.

Our initial treatment may reach 20 PPB but each bump application must be held to 15 PPB.  This process should take about 1.5 months to complete.  Based on our contract with Solitude, "Sonar is a systemic herbicide that works slowly, generally resulting in plant mortality in 20-30 days.  Other species such as Eurasian Water Milfoil may also be controlled within treatment areas"


Mark Augustus, KLCA President

 Check out Solitude's Website formally Allied Biological at http://www.alliedbiological.com.

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